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If you find the images are interesting enough for you to drop a msg to my messenger, and i didnt reply, which means i'm not at the desk (sorry..) , pls leave me your name and contact via phne,mail,fb,ms or any other media, and i'll hit you back..

Kalau lah korg rase gamba2 kt sini ckop best untuk membuatkan korg nk bermsg ngn aku kt mesengger ini, dan aku plak x reply2, yang menunjukkan aku tidak berada berdekatan laptop ini (maapkan aku), sila lah tinggal kan name dan cemane aku nk kontek balik, phne ke.. mail ke.. facebook ke.. ape2 la.. hihi..

enjoy!!!!! :) thanx for dropping by..

KL + friends = Nissin di866

Beberapa hari lalu kluar bersama rakan2.. mission: getting a new flash gun!! yeay!!!! huhu.. so, jalan2 KL, snap la beberapa keping gamba.. huhu..

"we're tourist.. KL is fun fun~"

Jalan lime minit, and sy sudah dehidrasi!!!!! we r hot!

so, this is the new Nissin Di866.. gewd gun, easy to handle, and pure fun.. the lcd screen is in colour and auto rotation.. means if you are taking a picture in potrait, and the flash is mounted on camera, the screen will automatically rotate itself.. I have used sb900 (nikon) previously on my d90 (yang dah hilang tu :'( ...) and none of canon flash gun can compete to it (in my opininon lah).. so, as a canonian now, I say, this is the gun to compete with the sb900! bring it on.. haha

Just few snap.. bermain bersame flash.. baru lah katekan.. hahaha..

and below, are captured by my friend.. trying multiple off camera technique.. more of his picture can be view in his blog (tapi da lame x hapdet..) and facebook..>>>


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