POP d Questions~~~


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enjoy!!!!! :) thanx for dropping by..

Mira & Rais 2

The video from the wedding..

Mira & Rais

Oh! btw, all pictures taken by my 7d is unedited or manipulated in any way accept for the resizing.. or if i do edit it in any way, i will STATE it..The couple (aMIRA samad and RAISkandar)..

Rais engagement ring..

A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time. ~Anne Taylor Fleming

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

"I get by with a little help from my friends." ~ John Lennon

Oh! To Mira & Rais... Congratulation, and you've been POP'd by R324 aka fotografijujur..

Enough wit the O.L.D stuffS!!!

Enough said (or pictures) of the old lost camera images... :( Lets POP things up with my Canon 7d!!Shot taken with my dearly Melor (7d) @ a stall in front of Satay Kajang.. yum3!!!

Shot taken during 24th AJL..

Another shot during the AJL.. While Yuna perform her beautiful song~

Shooting Edi @ Redang

A pictures montage + stop motions on Edi's trip to Pulau Redang, Terengganu with his friends.. (lepas bekerja dgn sgt seksa semasa heritage study @ the beginning of the movie).. owh.. btw, shots were taken by D90..
am looking forward for my next island holidays..

Past Works with D90

>>> some peeks of my past works using D90 (and d40)

A tribute to late D90 and D40 (RIP)

Before using my Canon Eos 7D which I love very very veryyyy muchhhhhhh... i was a
Nikonian.. ya ya ya.. say what you want.. cause i don't give a damn.. for me, both world just rules! both Nikon n Canon have their strength and weakness.. enough said bout that.. you can read more of that in other blogs.. So, as a starter of the full course meal, I just wanna post few of pics ive shots with my nikon d90 and d40 (which was both stolen!!)..

Owh,, starting with around Indonesia trip with family or friends.. (dwet x ckop nk g jejaoh) heh.. This was taken in Bali.. on a cultural stage show..

This was also taken in Bali at one of their temple.. Bali is just one fascinating place to go.. especially with your friend!!! dont go with your mom and dad!! or else u will missed a lot.. i mean LOTSSSSSSSS.. haha..

Enough with Bali.. then, I went to Padang, Indonesia.. Pariangan to be exact.. This time i went on a studio course (School) and do work.. and as usual, my work in our group is to take pictures! :)

Edited pictures of the house we have measured.. and we actually stayed here!! imagine a world without normal toilets!! :|

Dia tak toleh pon panggil juta3 kali!! still, she's cute.. heh.. jual mahal!

A picas of a girl a a Tabiek which is a fish pond.. hmm.. tanak cite bout this fish ponds.. haha.. but a friend said that this picture is haunted cause as he scroll down the picture, the water look like moving.. x pasti kamu2 dapat tgk x.. but it does nampak macam bergerak.. huuu..

to be continue to next chapter of d40 and d90.. btw, sonok juge bebel sorg2.. haha..


As part of my job's requirements.. (boss ask me to lah) I start (again) on blogging.. but this time around, gonna be blogging about me, Melor (my 7D!), Roy (my blackbird fly!).. and a POP! what's a pop? hmm.. I'll let my pictures tell the answers~ see you in other posts.. Better POP up ur life!

L.I.F.E. as it is..