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New Place, New Life, New Responsibility, New Environment!!!! - Part One

Getting married? Done! haha.. alhamdulillah.. It's only been two months but a lot had happen lepas kawen. I'm completely in new place, with a new responsibility, within a new environment, luckily with few of known faces (good looking faces who are equally good friends of mine).

kamon2! get up!!

Barbecue time!!! The best lamb grill i've had so far~ yummy...

Kanak2 produk Newcastle, Australia, yang bakal membesar di malaysia dengan jayanya.. Amin~
Dalam masa terdekat?? Memang tak lah! haha..

Some just arrived (us), and some will be going back to lovely Malaysia for good. Even kenal x sampai sbulan, dah sgt slesa dgn dua family nih.. and for guys like Isa, yang dah rapat dengan dorg2 nih, pasti sgt sedih.. Hmm..


To be cont...

L.I.F.E. as it is..